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Download our Royalty Free Ambient Sample Pack 'Peyote'

February 26, 2017 2 min read

Download our Royalty Free Ambient Sample Pack 'Peyote'

Spring is here ...why not start it out with a dose of Peyote and our royalty free ambient sample pack loaded with sounds? It’s alright, Samplified has you with that plug for your future bass samples that come with an organic variety of 60+ presets, samples and includes stems from the demo track. The composition of Peyote is designed to bring any producer a knocking 24-bit Studio Quality guide to your sample pack journey through lush synth loops & melodic presets.

 A clean batch ofPeyotewill provide a complete variety of natural samples that can be appreciated by any boundary-pushing traveler. Beware: The layers of sounds included in this package may cause inter-dimensional daydreaming.  If taken at correct the dosage, an adventurous producer can take the futuristic sound effects ofPeyoteand turn it into a mind-shattering experience,

Á là your friends at Samplified

Sample Pack Contents 

All Samplified loops and one-shot samples are topped off with a warm and refreshing process that makes the 24-bit Studio Quality sounds of Peyote truly unique. Our presets are individually crafted to retain quality while being one-of-a-kind interpretations of the production industry’s most desired synths and samples.

In the Immortal Words of Future:

“Really I’m the Plug, Really I’m the Plug.”

Our process begins with the producers behind Samplified taking careful precaution in selecting the perfectly imperfect mix of sizzling SAW synths, acoustic vibes and trendsetting SFX. The arrangement is then created to sit perfectly in the mix. We do it to provide producers the chance to take peyote and manipulate it to their tastes.

Download Our Haze Ambient Sample Pack

The heavy hitting peyote of Samplified gives producers the edge to target the niche sounds that reside in the realm of Future Bass. Its composition of boundary-pushing 24-Bit Studio Quality is unlike any other sample pack because this was made all-natural and just for you.

Peyote’s contents will provide the skilled producer necessary well-balanced synths, psychedelic SFX and  perfectly processed samples. All killer no filler over here; the energy behind this pack gives each component a distinct purpose that any avid producer will appreciate.

If you haven’t already had the enlightening experience that is Peyote, downloading this pack today does more for you than your average 2-bit digital dosage of 24-bit Studio Quality sounds. The folks at Samplified know what they are cooking.



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