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The Best Free Trap Drum Kits

November 24, 2019 3 min read

Free Trap Drum Kits

If you’re just starting out producing trap music, you’re going to need to get yourself some good samples before you go any further. Sample selection is key to making good music. Here we’re talking thick 808s, hard trap drums, huge vocal chants and synth samples, percussion, and more. A Splice membership costs $7.99 per month, and even though that’s a fair price, if you’re just starting to collect samples then you may not want to invest that kind of money yet.

Below is a short list of great sample packs that you can get completely for free. These packs should have all that you need to start expanding your repertoire, to get that big and professional trap sound without spending any money. Each of these sample packs contains more than 100+ different samples, which should be more than enough to get you off the ground and making fire trap music in no time.

Lex Free Drum Kit by Hex Loops

Lex Luger Drum Kit

If you’re producing trap music, then you’ve probably heard of the producer called Lex Luger, his name inspired by the one and only professional wrestler. A co-founder of the producer group 808 Mafia with Southside and TM88 as well as a member of the group Low Pros with A-Trak, Luger was one of the early producers to pave the way for the classic trap sound that we all know so well today. Hex Loops has created an amazing and completely free sample pack with a bunch of sounds inspired by Lex Luger himself. It is a must have as far as free trap sample packs go.

808 Trapstep Pack Vol. 1


    In this pack are all the essentials – everything that you need to get started to make heavy trap music. It includes, kicks, snares, claps, 808s, hihats, percussion, FX, chants and more. This is a great starter pack for anyone looking to get into producing trap music. Trisamples has also created a second volume of the 808 Trapstep series, which is also completely free to download. You can download it here: http://trisamples.com/808-trapstep-pack-vol-2

    Cymatics Drum Kits


    Cymatics.fm is a production blog that has grown significantly in the past few years. They have a ton of informative articles about music production, they do huge giveaways that include professional grade equipment, they make great sample packs, and I can almost guarantee that you’ve received an email from them at some point. This is not a specific sample pack, but simply a link to the many free sample packs on the Cymatics website. They have packs for all genres, including trap and hip-hop. All of them are completely free. Check out the 808 Mob pack as well as the Astro pack if you’re looking for sub-shaking basses and hard drums.

    Samplified Free Loops and Samples Starter Pack

    We wouldn't just plug in our sample pack if it wasn't worth mentioning for the article. We've dropped countless free packs and littered inside are different samples from our different packs. There's a little bit of everything including drums and samples from our trap sample packs. With well over 20+ years of music production experience and downloads from well over 50,000 producers we thought we should mention it. Regardless it's free! 

    All of the sample packs listed above are completely royalty free, meaning that you can use them in your tracks without worrying about infringing on anyone else’s intellectual property.    

    Some other resources for good drum kits are r/Drumkits on Reddit as well as Looperman. Just be careful with what you download off of Reddit, as some sample packs are uploaded to the site without the artists’ permission. 

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