Listen to our Future Sessions Future Bass Sample Pack

by Anders Johanson March 19, 2017 2 min read

Listen to our Future Sessions Future Bass Sample Pack

Future Sessions Sample Pack is Here.

We present to you our bold sample pack that may as well be from your Future Sessions ‘cause these sounds will go where no producer has gone before.  No crazy doctors and Deloreans or Weird-ass British telephone boxes here, just a dope high-quality sample pack brought to you by the producers here at Samplified.  Future Sessions draws on vibes of times-to-come by providing mix-cutting samples with a groovy twist.


This compilation of future bass sound is specifically designed to provide a producer refreshing serum presets that help your tracks gain that natural & lush vibe. Future Sessions is about controlling your sound, everything found within the pack has a purpose, thought and energy behind it.

Everything will be useful to you.


Yeah we’ve heard it before,

  • “What’s the future like?”
  • “Does Trump really destroy America?
  • “Why are you selling sample packs if you are from the future…?”

Acoustic sounds and sizzling SAW synths and create a wide definition to any set of headphones, earbuds or skeletory ear-drum receivers (we on that 2025 tip). The sounds pop with vibes to keep you moving towards a solid production/song.

Samplified’s precision sample pack, Future Sessions, offers producers the following:


Samplified hopes you add this heavy-hitting sample pack to your library of high-quality sounds to help give you an original edge on other producers. The combination of punchy percussion and conscious altering SFX were meant to be found by you, 

Trust Me,I am from the future after all. 

Download this sample pack today and get back to us after your Future Sessions. Samplified provides 24-bit studio quality WAV samples that are better than your average portal gun.

So if you really care about future you, hit the download link above. Even more worried about future you? Check out our other packs here:

Anders Johanson
Anders Johanson

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