Squadpack x Samplified - Trendsetter (Sample Pack)

by Anders Johanson January 29, 2017 2 min read

Squadpack x Samplified - Trendsetter (Sample Pack)


Squadpack and Samplified have joined forces to debut our first free sample pack and it’s a useful tool for producers everywhere! The first in a collaboration series, Samplified is working with Squadpack to deliver you the future of sound.

A freak of nature, Squadpack & Samplified are two powerhouse sample pack companies prepared to dominate an industry littered with low-quality production content.

It's painfully obvious, the air waves of production kits, samples, and loops have been scattered with low-quality sound for long enough. Our sample packs are affordable and deliver top quality sound; mastered and mixed by studio professionals.  


The Trendsetter Sample Pack is a joint collaboration crafted to provide high-quality sounds to producers internationally. It is comprised of a drum kit folder with 50+ various one shot percussion sounds to add uniqueness to your sound. Our mission was to create an electronic/future bass sample pack that can be uniquely used for your soundin every way.



    Samplified linked up with Squadpack in early 2016 to make sure the woes of a producer from this past year were long forgotten.

    So we decided to set the partnership off we would release some free content. An audio pack mix and mastered by industry producers with only the highest of standards.

    Grab the free download by following the link above, be advised you will be prompted to follow us on Soundcloud (Squadpack & Samplified) in return for the free download. 

    While we are driven by giving out free content, we do have more exclusive sounds available through our paid sample packs! Once you have had a taste of our quality sound design, music, and frequencies; it will be clear to you where you should get your production resources from here-on-out.

    Keep it locked with Samplified and be sure to grab the download above for that live pack.

    Anders Johanson
    Anders Johanson

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