Download Our XOXO Sample Pack With Valentine

by Anders Johanson June 28, 2017 3 min read

Download Our XOXO Sample Pack With Valentine

Hey, Samplified artists and fam! After several months of hard work, a teaser pack, and an epic XOXO track from one of our favorite artists, Valentine, our full XOXO Sample Pack is here! This heavy-hitting batch of samples, presets, loops, and more will be perfect for your summer inspiration to make beats that hit hard with purpose and clarity. Moving Castle Collective artist, Valentine, truly brought this pack to life with his use of glitchy synths, booming bass lines, and futuristic beats. Wide, full, and melodic, he utilized the XOXO pack to create something raw and powerful, and we know that’s what you can do with the pack, too.

Whether you produce high-energy bangers or chilled-out downtempo tracks, there is something here for you to make your best music. Our priority is to give you — the artist — the tools that best suit your creative workflow. Samplified believes in making our samples mix-ready, so you don’t have waste valuable creative time tweaking kicks, snares, and loops just to sound decent. On the other hand, we also like to keep our samples relatively free from processing in order to allow producers to make their own unique embellishments and tweaks. After all, every producer likes his or her reverb a little different. Additionally, when it comes to sample packs, organization is key. Samplified goes out of our way to ensure every loop is tempo-synced and labeled and that all melodic elements are labeled by key.

So, let’s dive in. What’s in this pack, you ask? Well, lots of dope shit, of course! Okay, maybe we’re a little biased on that end. Let’s get into the fine print. Here’s what our new sample pack includes:

XOXO Sample Pack (1.44 Gigabits)

- VALENTINE Demo Ableton Project files + Project file Stems
- 80 Percussion & Fill Loops
- 30 Vocal Loops
- 255 Drum & Percussion Shots (808, Claps, Foley, HiHats, Kicks, and More!)
- 20 Breakdown and Energetic Pads
- 10 Bass Shots
- 40 Synth Shots (Chord & Single Note)
- 85 FX Loops & One Shots (Crashes, Drops, Impacts, Lifts...)
- 14 MIDI Files
- 50 Serum Presets
- 50 Massive Presets

And for those who want to take their production even further with more dynamic tools, we have the XOXO Expansion Pack (3.14 Gigabits) for only $10 more. It includes the following bonus audio content: XELARAIN Demo Ableton Project files + Project file Stems, 25 extra MIDI Files, and 50 Extra Serum Presets. Just in case the regular pack wasn’t enough fire for you.

We’d also like to make note that 100% of the sample contents found within the Valentine’s demo track are from the XOXO sample pack. So, if you’re a fan of his track like us, there’s no reason you can’t create your own! Once you dive into the pack, the project files are neatly organized and mostly use Ableton stock plugins. This way, you can see firsthand how Valentine makes these wicked glitchy synths. By reverse engineering the project files, we give you the tools to learn about how to mix and arrange your own tracks. Dive into Valentine’s mind, dissect the automations, and learn how to use them effectively to achieve a cleaner and more interesting mix. You can see how he groups his instruments to create a smoother workflow to keep your sessions organized. And for anyone that does not have Ableton, we included the project stems so that you can also see the musical arrangements/skeleton of the track itself.

Valentine Music Producer

Being a producer in today’s musical climate can feel overwhelming, even for those who have been at it for awhile. And here at Samplified, we truly believe in making the most coherent, ready-to-go sample packs for producers who want those creative tools to make timeless music — whether it’s Future Bass, Trap, EDM, Hip-Hop, or Chillwave. Good samples, good presets, good loops know no boundaries when mixed with creativity.

So, here’s our new pack, y’all. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!



Anders Johanson
Anders Johanson

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