Download our Royalty Free Retro Sample Pack 'Nostalgia'

by Anders Johanson July 23, 2017 2 min read

Download our Royalty Free Retro Sample Pack 'Nostalgia'

Hey, Samplified family! We hope y’all are having a lit summer, catching tons of good shows & festivals, and, as always, creating new music. We’re stoked to share with Samplified – Nostalgia, our new free sample pack. For this one, we’ve loaded you up with more samples than ever for a free pack, because, why not?! We took these samples in a more hip-hop and ambient direction, but fear not, even if you don’t produce hip-hop or ambient music, these sounds were designed to be versatile. For the producers who make beats for a living, this pack is especially for you. With a keen attention to clarity and high-quality audio, it will help your tracks stand up to the industry hottest beats. To make these samples, we looked to legendary producers like J Dilla and The Alchemist, as well as more modern producers like Sorrow, Burial, and Clams Casino. Without further ado, let’s dive into the pack’s contents!


As you can hear in the demo track, we put particular focus on the drum and percussion elements of Samplified - Nostalgia. Our goal here was to make the loops and drum shots cut through the mix to help producers who sell their instrumentals. By utilizing sharp and clear drum samples, you can make beats that will sound good on iPhone speakers, as well as professional studio monitors. Additionally, the bass samples were created to be clean and mix-ready, but also fat and beefy, giving your tracks extra layers of depth. A strong bass mixed with clear drums is the perfect combination to create marketable instrumentals for producers selling their beats for a living.

We’ve also included several dynamic effects to help you solidify your rises, drops, and transitions. At this point, vocal reverb swells and reverse rides are awesome, but they run the risk of being overused. We are striving to give producers new and unique ways to add dynamic flow and story telling to your tracks with seamless transitions and effects. Whether your track is rising to a crazy Skrillex-style peak, or you just want something chill and laid-back with adequate tension & release, these effects will help keep your tracks flowing nicely.


Our goal at Samplified — whether the pack is free or not — is to provide you with new and fresh content every time. We believe that no sample pack should be the same, and this Samplified Nostalgiapack will give producers something that can inspire them. You’re the artist, which is why we keep our samples relatively free of effects, so that you can apply your own creativity to each sample, loop, preset, or midi chord progression. We give you the best tools possible to make your best music possible. And it doesn’t matter if this is your first sample pack or if you have hard drives full of samples — there are sounds here for you to create something new and unique. Check out the new pack now!

Anders Johanson
Anders Johanson

Writer and musician based in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Hannah. Extensive career as both a writer and a musician previously working with brands such as Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, and Sports Illustrated. As a musician, Anders has played in several bands throughout the last decade, and has experience in touring, booking, band management, engineering, producing, mixing, and composing. Anders has recently composed music for short films and media presentations in universities, and has launched a podcast focusing on giving musicians and artists a place to talk about their work and the process behind their creation.

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