Download Our New XOXO Teaser Sample Pack

by Anders Johanson June 04, 2017 5 min read

Download Our New XOXO Teaser Sample Pack

What’s good, Samplified fam? How are y’all enjoying the warm weather? We’ve been busy in air-conditioned rooms with big headphones on late at night, working hard on our new pack for you. We are stoked to present the free teaser to our bass-oozing, trap-obsessed, chilled-out XOXO sample pack. From Hip-Hop drum loops to Future Bass presets to Chillwave midi chords, this pack encompasses everything Samplified believes to be the future of production. With over 50 samples, serum presets, midi chords, and more, there’s no shortage of sick beats or mesmeric soundscapes that you can put together with a DAW, a pair of headphones, and a burst of inspiration.

The XOXO teaser pack is an extension of Samplified’s vision of giving producers the tools they need to best express themselves. We designed this pack to give creative freedom to the producer, while also providing rough guidelines and steps to follow, whether you’re in a creative rut or just need a loop to get you going. All of our samples are created in a sound treated room. They are mix-ready, but still leave room for you process them to your liking.

Samplified’s XOXO teaser sample pack contains high-energy drum fills & loops, as well as a variety of creative and traditional snares, kicks, and claps. You can create your own drum beats with individual samples and work in an XOXO fill or loop to give an edge of extra energy and shuffle to your rhythms. Our serum and massive presets are organized by sound type — lead, pluck, bass, etc. They are levelled so that they don't jump out when browsing through them. Each preset has been assigned a minimum of 3-4 macro controls to make sound and FX adjustments easy.

Additionally, once you’ve made a club-shaking beat, you’re going to want to add dynamic sounds and textures to create movement throughout your track. Our drops, lifts, and crashes give you the freedom to transition between the chill and high-energy parts of your music. No matter how dope a beat is, if it’s on a loop, you can only listen for so long. Samplified is obsessed with the intricate details — we want to give you the tools to give life and breath to your beats and soundscapes, which is what we’ve done with the XOXO pack.

Our XOXO teaser track was created by Toronto-based producer, XELΛRΛIN. With a knack for combing Future Bass and Trap, XELΛRΛIN turned XOXO into a sonic waterfall with lush soundscapes and textures. Built over chill midi piano chords, a bass-booming beat gives life to the ethereal atmosphere. We spoke briefly with XELΛRΛIN to dig into the secrets behind his infectious XOXO teaser track.

Interview with XELΛRΛIN

When making your XO teaser track, which samples were you drawn to first? How did you build the foundation of your track before adding in all of the fine details?

I'm always drawn to the percussive elements first. I like to use a lot of organic and acoustic sounding elements to give it that human feel. Once I get a few percussive loops going, I start to experiment with chord progressions, bass/lead melodies, and presets. Massive and Serum are my go-to synths, so I was stoked that XOXO provided both. After the main instruments are in place, I begin to play around with FX and one shots. I love throwing those in; I tend to get a little carried away. 

One of the difficult thing for some producers when they download a sample pack is that they're overwhelmed with the amount of options. How do you organize and prioritize your sample packs to be as creative and useful as possible?

I’m extremely picky with sample packs. If they're disorganized or cater to one genre that I am not producing, I'll usually scrap ‘em in the bin. I think it’s up to the pack providers to give producers a pack that is diverse, organized, and not overly processed. I can't stand when samples have reverb and other FX on them. I’m a big believer in sample selection. I’m not trying to process every element in my song. Ideally, I’d just like to drag and drop my samples in, adjust the pan and levels, and move onto the next. I don't mess with sounds/loops that don't resonate well. But if there is one piece of advice I can give to people it’s that " less is more.” Choose your samples wisely, rather than throwing six different plugins on em. It'll save you time, creative energy, and yield better results.

Your teaser track balances chill atmospheric elements with more upbeat percussion and bass. Technically speaking, what're your go-to plug-ins/hardware/methods for creating dynamic and engaging tracks that hit hard but also have an emotional narrative? 

I started producing tracks similar to Clams Casino, then I moved onto Future Bass, and now I’m just experimenting with the Soulection type vibes. My go to plugins are definitely Ozone 7. People tend to think that’s just a mastering plugin. Hell no! Ozone has a wicked stereo imager and exciter that I throw on individual channels to achieve a cleaner mix. I also mess with Serum/Massive heavily, but I don't shy away from using the U-he Diva, which in my opinion is a super underrated synthesizer. Also, back when I used to rent out a studio, I would mix all my samples on a vintage Neve board. I can't remember which model, but I do remember the studio owner treating it like his baby, so it must have been pretty special. I loved it because it gave all my stuff a certain warmth and crispness. I definitely see the value in hardware, but it can get pretty expensive. Waves plugins are gems, but the secret lies in learning the all the ins and outs of any specific plugin. Even stock plugins can be amazing if you know how to use them properly.

What has been your experience with using the XOXO pack?

Samplified always delivers quality. I work with them a lot, and I experience the quality control and attention to detail first hand. I'll be using XOXO for a while. There’s a lot dope loops and percussion elements that I’m looking forward to manipulating. The presets are next level; though, that’s a biased statement since I helped produce some of them. But honestly, it sort of feels wrong to be giving away these gems to the public, yet I know producers will definitely appreciate the love and detail put into them. There’s a solid amount of drum fills in the pack, which is an area I struggle with so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that. I’m excited for anyone that grabs this. I think their production will definitely benefit from these tools.

The full XOXO pack will feature more samples, more loops, more presets, and more dope samples for you to make, well, you know… more dope music! The artist we’re working with on for the full pack is one of the most exciting collabs we’ve done yet. So, stay tuned because it’s about to get rowdy. Be easy, and keep the bass turned up.


Anders Johanson
Anders Johanson

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