Real Sounding Instruments Serum Presets Pack - Essential Sounds

We'd like to introduce you to our real sounding instruments serum presets pack part of our essentials catalogue. A hyper focused library of sample packs that zones in on one specific production element. Today, we bring you Real Instruments Serum Presets. These presets are the definition of raw and organic mixed with that analogue feel. The best part about these presets is that you get those real live orchestral instruments and you are able to manipulate them digitally using Serums powerful FX, Filters and Envelopes. Suitable for all production styles, the customizations and possibilities of Real Instruments Serum Presets are endless. 

Whats Included? 
• 50 Serum Presets [Brass, Mallet, String, Voice and Wind] 
• 130+ Orchestral Themed Instrument Wave Tables
• 35 Serum Noise Oscillator Samples 
• 100+ Extra Instrument One Shots 

Requires Serum Version 1.113 Or Higher

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