Electronic Sounds Kit 'Future Sessions'

Samplified’s ‘Future Sessions’ future bass sample pack is the ultimate package of futuristic and bombastic sonic bursts; full and booming bass driven samples coupled with a dynamic range of time-traveling high-quality multi-instrumental loops, one shots, and Serum presets to send you through portals of time and space with the dopest beats in hand. With dreamy arpeggiations and synth blasts oozing roboticism and modularity, prepare to flood your tracks with some of the most ambitious leads, rhythms, and loops you’ve yet to create. Only the future knows.

Whats Included? 
• 10 Serum Presets
• 10 Snare Samples
• 10 Percussion Samples
• 10 Kick Samples
• 10 FX Samples
• 10 MIDI Progressions
• Future Sessions Demo Track File
• We’re also including a BONUS folder, including additional MIDI, percussion & FX loops!