Guitar Samples and Acoustic Chords - Essential Sounds

The guitar samples and acoustic chords essentials sounds pack has been 5 months in the making and the wait is finally over.  This acoustic guitar sound pack comes with no fill high quality guitar loops, one shots, and mini acoustic guitar kits to help bring that organic guitar sound to your production.  All sounds were recorded in a professional studio by our in-house musicians, and treated by professional sound engineers. Inside the pack is well over 600+ Mb of guitar sounds including

  • Guitar Loops in A-Major (95bpm), E Major (100 BPM), and G Major (75 BPM)
  • Arpeggiated Chord Shots, Plucks, & Strums
  • Lead Loops, Combos, Chord Shots, Chord Loops in:
    • C Major 80 BPM
    • D Major 75 BPM
    • Eb Major 90 BPM
    • A Major 85 BPM
    • E Major 80 BPM

*Compatible with all DAWS


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