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Lofi Sample Pack 'Lo-fi & Chill' (w/ Production by quickly quickly)


Our new Lo-Fi sample pack "Lo-Fi & Chill" consists of over 500 Mb+ of drum loops, MIDI, serum presets, drums & percussion, FX, synths and more. Inside our pack also includes Ableton project files from our demo created by 16 year old Lo-Fi producer Quickly Quickly. 

Whats included?
• 148 Loops [Drum, Found, Music, Nature, and Vinyl] 
• 99 Foley Percs
• 91 Nu School Percs
• 72 Kicks & Knocks
• 69 Snares & Claps 
• 52 FX [Downlifts, Quicklifts, Uplifts, Impacts, and Misc FX]
• 45 Hi Hats
• 43 Vinyl Cuts [Chords, Piano, and Vox]
• 20 Other Percs
• 20 Pads
• 11 Bass Cuts
• 42 MIDI Progressions
• 20 Serum Presets
• Ableton Project Demo File [prod. by Quick Quickly]

All Sample Files and Stems are compatible with any DAW including Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio and Maschine. Samplified recommends running the most available updated software of all DAW platforms for optimal experience.

Serum Presets require Serum Version 1.113
Ableton Project Files Require Version 9.7 or higher.

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