Produce in the Style of James Blake

We've taken weeks to compile our tips on how to produce like James Blake. From reverb to MIDI, we've even included the project files used to build this tutorial. We cover patches, synths, layering and some tidbits on how to get that James Blake kind of sound.

Bring Your Drums To Life

From perfecting velocity of drums to avoiding repetition in your music loops, this is our piece on how to bring your drums to life! Raise your inner ability to take your drums from boring electronic loops to live sounding drums.

Download our Royalty Free Retro Sample Pack 'Nostalgia'

Hey, Samplified family! We hope y’all are having a lit summer, catching tons of good shows & festivals, and, as always, creating new music. We’re stoked to share with Samplified – Nostalgia, our new free retro sample pack