Guitar Samples and Acoustic Guitar Riffs

by Anders Johanson September 07, 2018 2 min read

Guitar Samples

Guitar samples and acoustic guitar riffs are among the most dynamic and sonically diverse instruments in the modern music-maker’s palette. From melodic textures to percussive rhythms, an acoustic guitar can take many audible forms.  Even if you’re not making ‘guitar music’, the sound of a six-string can add depth and harmonic interest to your tracks — without needing to take center stage. But despite being common instruments, acoustic guitars are notoriously difficult to capture well, and even harder to play with the confidence we’re used to hearing on commercial productions. (There’s a reason that good session guitarists are constantly busy!)

So Samplified’s engineers have added Acoustic Guitar samples to the Essentials collection of great-sounding, straightforward sounds that are useful for creators of all types. Whether you’re looking to add variation to your beat-based tracks, or build backing tracks for your songwriting exploits, this pack is a must-have tool.

All sounds in our essentials pack are recorded in stereo with a complimentary room sound — not too lively, but not acoustically flat. Loops are provided in three different keys at three different tempos, making them easy to implement into your compositions. Of course, with DAW functions like Ableton Live’s ‘Slice To New MIDI Track’, these loops can easily be transformed into entire drum racks of chopped samples, ready for re-arranging or manipulating into something completely unique. So what are you waiting for? Download Samplified’s Essentials: Acoustic Guitars pack today, and get inspired. 



Sample Content Folder Breakdown & What’s Included in the Pack?

The all acoustic guitar chords and loops sound pack comprises 600MB+ of acoustic guitar loops in 44.1kHz/24-bit WAV format. All the loops have been expertly recorded and trimmed to work seamlessly in all DAWs. Loops are categorized by key and tempo for easy navigation and recall. 
A-Major, 95bpm - A selection of upbeat, driving loops, perfect making road-trip music. From low-end rhythmic plucking and double-tracked, tension-building strumming, to melodic high-register phrases, there’s plenty here to build a full track from scratch, or embellish your existing creations.
E-Major, 100bpm - Blissed out strummed chords, repetitive picking styles and some stylish vibrato licks give you lots of arrangement-ready content, plus a great source of backing-track material. Just add some keys, drums and bass, and you’re ready for your rapper or vocalist. 
G-Major, 75bpm - A selection of loops that cover the full sonic range of the guitar. Low chordal tones combine with higher lead riffs to provide a diverse collection of sounds. Layer them up to build your verses, choruses and bridges, or chop them up, process them and create some unusual timbres.

Anders Johanson
Anders Johanson

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