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Best Ableton Packs for Ableton Live

April 28, 2019 5 min read

Ableton Packs

Enter into the World of Ableton Sample Packs!

Ableton Live has been a staple for electronic music production for over 10 years and, along with the likes of FL Studio and Pro Tools, is among the most commonly used software applications found in the music studio. It’s for this reason that there’s a huge amount of Ableton Live sample packs, loops and software instruments designed specifically for Live and its users, which lets creators expand their sonic palette, find inspiration quickly, and get great-sounding results quickly.

But, because there is so much content out there, it’s sometimes hard to find the stuff that really stands out. And while many sound packs and virtual instruments are top-class, others are lacking in quality. So here is a run-down of our favorite five premium sample packs for Live. In no particular order:

Lo-Fi Samples & Abstract Hip Hop Pack 'Flodelity' (w/ Production by AYWY)

Another one from Samplified, whose hard-hitting sample packs are exceedingly useful for when you want to expand your sound library past the normal beats and loops — and they’re affordable too! Flodelity is a collection of Lo-fi and abstract hip hop samples, produced by AYWY. Like Benzie Box, the pack comprises a vast amount of WAV files, which you can freely build into your Ableton Live Sessions.

The pack is a massive 3.5GB, which includes the following, all in 24-Bit WAV format: 160 loops (Percussion, Guitar, Harp, Synth, Bass, Rhodes Piano, Synth & Vinyl); 200 one-shots (Drum, Foley & Percussion); 35 bass and 808 sounds; 20 pads/drones; 40 effects samples and 15 MIDI chord progressions. There are also 50 patches for the acclaimed Sylenth virtual instrument.

Why We Like It

Using Live’s built-in plugins like Sampler or Drum Racks, users can create their own unique sample-based instruments. These can be played and manipulated on MIDI controllers or dedicated Ableton hardware devices like Push or Launchpad. Be sure to check out the full contents below.


Future Trap Samples, Loops, and Presets 'Benzie Box'

Samplified’s range of snackable audio content is perfect for producers needing to inject a new flavor into their creations, or find a different sonic direction. They offer everything from ‘Essential’ packs of guitar chords and loops, to 808 kicks, and several packs inspired by specific records. That’s where Benzie Box — one of our favorite premium packs for Live — comes in…

Fans of mid-2000s rap will spot the reference: ‘Benzie Box’ was a track on the revered Danger Doom album The Mouse And The Mask. Known for its unusual timbres and chunky grooves, Samplified’s version is a tribute to found sounds, wonky beats and quirky sonics. It’s the perfect sound set for making gritty, futuristic and bass-heavy sounds of the golden age of alternative Trap/Hip-Hop. Benzie Box gives you everything you need to start building chunky breaks and captivating instrumentals, perfect for hip-hop, electronica, and everything that blurs the line between the two.

Why We Like It

It’s presented in a way that the user can tap into the pack’s raw material — dozens of foley sounds, drum hits, multisamples, synth loops and effects, all in WAV format. Alternatively, they can simply open the Ableton Presets to take inspiration from the ready-made creations of Samplified’s sound engineers. A total of 50 presets for Xfer Serum also give users of that platform the ability to open ready-made software instruments.

Puremagnitik have been on the sample scene for over 10 years and have many great products to be proud of. If you’re willing to splash out, their ‘Decade’ and ‘Century’ bundles offer an enormous amount of bang for a reasonable amount of buck. (The ‘Century’ bundle even offers the promise of future content for free, for the rest of the century!)

Our top tip from Puremagneitik’s range, however, is Wicked Kits, a free bundle of five very simple but essential electronic drum kits. Unlike other ‘must-have’ drum libraries, these aren’t simply collections of the untreated sounds from the revered drum machines of yesteryear, rather they are an amalgamation of warped percussives, solid thumps and industrial clangs, plus some instantly recognizable slices of the ‘Amen’ break. Not only will they bring some polished sonics to your productions, they will transform your beats to a new dimension!

Why We Like It

Nobody likes predictability, and this pack is the quintessential tool to bring unpredictability into your music. The samples in Wicked Kits belong to no one genre, which means they work in every kind of music, whether you’re making dance floor bangers or ambient weirdness. And because they exist as WAV samples, they can be built into your unique drum racks in Ableton Live.

Ableton // Free Packs (FREE)

We would be doing you a disservice if we failed to mention Ableton in this roundup. Ableton have, after all, been doing this for longer than most, and some of their factory sound banks are second to none. There’s a whole section of their website dedicated to free packs, which includes several Max For Live instruments alongside a number of straightforward sample packs.

Ableton work with a number of sound makers to compile their native packs, so you’ll find names like Heavyocity, Sample Magic and Puremagnetik among the list of providers. Rest assured, you’ll find some inspiration, whether it’s from the multi-sampled Yamaha drumset (Recording Hybrid Kit), or Henrik Schwartz’s ’Schwartzonator II’, which automatically moves MIDI notes to a selected musical scale!

Why We Like It

Not only does Ableton offer a stack of new sounds to help expand your personal sample collection, they also provide a window into the world of Max For Live, which to some is still shrouded with mystery and confusion. Here’s a challenge if you’re feeling brave: head to the Ableton site, download a Max For Live Patch like Richie Hawtin’s ‘Kapture’ or Oli Larkin’s ‘Kasio’. Then, open it up, start to tinker with it, and slowly begin to understand the inner workings of M4L: the powerful accompaniment to Ableton Live Suite.

Premium Samples, Producer Essentials, & Free Sounds

While you're at it, be sure to stop by our collections to check out all of the Samplified premium, essential, and free sound banks. We have over 20+ years of experience in sound design, mixing, mastering, and creative. See why 10,000+ producers rely on Samplified to bring them the industry standard of sounds at an affordable rate. Click any of the images below to check out our selection, and be sure to dive into our Free Sounds & Tutorials section for all the goodies.

Sample Packs

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