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PRODUCT: Nostalgia Sample Pack


TITLE: Samplified | Nostalgia Free Sample Pack | Future Bass Pack



We, the folks here at Samplified, are ecstatic to bring you another free package of eclectic and fantastic studio-quality samples: The Nostalgia free sample pack is yours for the taking! As the leaves change and you wind down from the perpetual heat into the moody introspective autumn, there’s been no better time to grab our Nostalgia freepack; designed to help you create some of the most moody, ambient instrumentals and hardest hitting hip hop beats and write the score score to the death of perpetual summer. Embrace the decay of everlasting days and the carefree vibes once kissed by the sun, and prepare for the impending Days of Night with a collection of incredible drum & percussion loops and one shots, pad shots, SFX, and trap 808 hits.


We’re continuously hard at work in the Samplified labs, assembling fresh .zips for y’all to tear into and continue pumping out hits, and Nostalgia is jam-packed with more 24-bit studio grade content than we’ve ever included in a freepack. Our huge collection of multi-instrumental samples are continuously raising the bar of what you’ve come to expect from a freepack- Nostalgia being no different. If this is your first free sample pack with Samplified, or if you’re a returning producer looking for grab a fix- you’ve come to the right place.


With a focus on bass, percussion & drums, Nostalgia feeds your need for beats and rhythm, with huge potential for creating some of your most iconic beats & grooves. Sculpt encapsulating soundscapes, creating the atmosphere and air that will fuel the high-octane drum loops and kit combinations you’ll find inside; with pad one shots and SFX that will keep you fixated and returning to throughout the entire winter. Don’t take our word for it- dive straight into the Nostalgia Demo Track to see the cosmic capabilities of this collection of samples, sounds, and stems.



Diving into the contents of Samplified’s Nostalgia free sample pack, you’ll notice that our particular focus was on building a wide range of percussion & drum loops, maximizing the sonic capabilities of your beats and creating the ultimate dynamic kits. With such crisp, clean one shots and loops, as well as our mix-ready bass progressions and loops, we’ve developed the most mix-ready freepack collection you’ll find. Samplified’s beats, loops, and fills transcend technical limitations, designed to hit the right frequencies in any budget mixing arrangement.

However- we’d never want to present you with a one-sided offering- which is why Nostalgia comes correct and complete with a selection of synth, SFX, and encapsulating pad one-shots to create the ambient vibe your beats will thrive under.  uncomfortably chill.

Let’s take a nitty-gritty look at what Samplified’s Nostalgia freepack has in store for your productions:

  • 5 Percussion Loops
  • 10 Kicks
  • Punchy, wet kick samples are the basis for your new ambient beat obsession- from deep and sustaining stomps to subtle ghost notes hits. Find your groove in the mood.

  • 15 Claps
  • 15 variable claps to round out your percussive capabilities! Generate new & exciting beat capabilities with claps to coin your hooks and verses.
  • 20 Hi Hats
  • The most hats we’ve ever offered in a freepack- every variable tension clasp, break, and tightly wound rattle to drive the most chill- and hardest hitting of trap loops.

  • 15 Perc Samples
  • Organic and electronic perc samples to build out your beat capabilities - spreading some flavor and retro personality over each crevice of your loops. These warps and rattles, inspired by the great hip hop producers of the 90’s and early 00’s will transport your mixes to the glory days of yesteryear.

  • 10 Shakers
  • Multiple pitch and variable shakers to bring new levels of dynamic capability to your mix.
  • 15 Snares
  • Throw these bad boys to the back, or front and center: this huge collection of snare sounds will float carelessly or drive any mix.
  • 10 808 Basses
  • Strap in, we’re about to rattle.
  • 15 FX (5 Cymbals, 5 Reverse FX, 5 Synth Chops)
  • Build enormous lifts with high-impact crashing falls, and bring your drops to new highs- or lows.
  • 5 Pads
  • Sculpt wide, encompassing soundscapes with some of the most ambient, settling & soothing samples you’ll find anywhere.


    *All Sample Files and Stems are compatible with any DAW including Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio and Maschine.

    Samplified recommends running the most available updated software of all DAW platforms for optimal experience.



    Samplified’s mission is to ultimately present to you some of the most dynamic, unique, and pro-engineered sampled content that you’ll find anywhere. Our team of incredible in-house engineers and producers are consistently grinding- have it be creating incredible packs like the Samplified Nostalgia free sample pack, or listening and vibing with experienced and rookie producers to understand exactly what it is you’re looking for in a sample collection pack. Experience new horizons of sound born from yesteryear. Experience Nostalgia.



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