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How to Make a Beat like Medasin Tutorial + Project Files

Medasin is the alias of Dallas-based musician Grant Nelson, who has quickly gained popularity for his impressive production work with his original songs and remixes. He is part of the Soundcloud collective Film Noir that also includes artists Oshi, Krs. and BNJMN. He characterizes his music as chill and happy, and incorporates jazz influences into his trap-meets-jazz sound; part of this signature sound is his use of mellow synth pads alongside huge supersaws. He also uses samples, frequently of saxophones, and uses jazzy chord progressions to make his remixes stand out. Medasin states that he developed his sound by first emulating his peers until he’d gained the knowledge to forge his own musical path. To grow as a producer yourself, it can be beneficial to imitate the sound of other producers, and learn to incorporate what you learn into your sound palette.

"Earlier I mentioned Galimatias, and honestly when I first started I sounded pretty similar to him. I was using a lot of his techniques, and I think most people start off that way. At a certain point, though, you have to develop the knowledge to be able to go off on a limb, try some weird shit, mold it, craft it, and perfect it until you have something that people enjoy that’s original. You can go off and make some super wacky shit that’s original, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that people would like it.” -Medasin

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