The Best Laptop For Music Production

December 13, 2019 2 min read

Best Music Production Laptop

There are many essentials when it comes to music production, but you will really struggle if you don’t have a computer. There are of course DAW-less setups, but having a computer makes producing music much more accessible and makes acquiring or creating samples much more efficient. In my personal opinion, it is necessary to have a computer if you want to make music, especially if you want to translate that music onto a live stage. Laptops are very portable, the newer models are very powerful, and they’re a little less of a strain on your wallet.

Apple vs Microsoft

Choosing a laptop pretty much boils down to two main options: Mac or PC. This is of course up to your personal preference and the better choice will depend on what software you will be using. With that being said, I believe that Mac’s are superior. They’re incredibly powerful, they support most software, and they’re less susceptible to malware.

That is why my choice for the best laptop for music production is the MacBook Pro Retina, for a couple of reasons.

  1. Graphics. The graphics are amazing. The clarity that you get with the retina display is unparalleled. Not only does it increase resolution, but it also puts less strain on your eyes. This is important when you’re working for hours on end and you’re already straining your ears.
  1. Software. Whatever DAW you choose to use, a Mac will likely support it. Whether it’s Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Ableton Live or Reason, your MacBook Pro will have you covered. They even have FL Studio for Mac now. There are definitely some plugins that aren’t supported on a Mac, but if you’re just starting to produce music these are irrelevant. Even so, there are ways to load Windows software onto your Mac, either by partitioning your hard drive using Boot Camp or using an application called Wine.
  1. Reliability. I have never had a MacBook crash on me. I have never lost my files because of a virus or malware, and I’ve had the same computer for almost 10 years. I do take relatively good care of all my equipment, which you should probably do too. 

Apple computers have always been geared towards creative. But, like all machines, there are definitely a few notable drawbacks to using a Mac.

  1. There isn’t nearly as much freeware that is supported, meaning that’s more money spent on plugins and applications.
  2. In the newer models, you are not able to upgrade the storage or the RAM. The only solution is to get an external hard drive; otherwise what you buy is what you get.
  3. Apple computers are known for being much more expensive than PCs. However, there is always the option to get a refurbished computer.

I’ve been a Mac user for basically my entire life so I’m biased. At the end of the day, the computer you choose is based on your personal preferences, and you should gear your purchase towards what best suits your needs and budget. With that being said, a MacBook Pro is definitely a good choice for a laptop if you're looking to produce music.